Building Dreams Playing with Bees

Agriculture calls to his soul,

while nature calls to hers-

This father and daughter are bonding over bees.

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When Bees Swarm

When a colony becomes too crowded in their current home, about half of the colony will leave the hive. This is called a swarm.
The bees are very docile in this state because they have nothing to protect, and cannot risk losing population numbers, because they need as many bees as possible to build the new home.

A drone, or male bee, has no stinger

A Drone has several differences from the female worker bee. He has no stinger, his eyes are larger and they have no job in the hive.

The Queen’s court

The female bees, or worker bees, eventually have jobs outside the hive. They are the bees we see flying around. Their job changes as they age, and here you can see the ones that are nursery bees and the queens court. They tend to her by feeding and cleaning her as she spends her days inspecting cells for cleanliness and laying eggs.

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From our Family to yours THANK YOU for your support

We are very grateful for the support from our community as we build our dreams while we play with bugs.

I just adore this family .... 🌟Hey Kern County Spring is sprung and that means Bees will be everywhere.

If you Need Bee removal this local family is doing their part by safely removing without killing, and their Honey is so so good..

Brandy Davenport

We absolutely love your honey!

Tiffany LeClair

I love this family!

Mica Musick

Bee Day updates